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My name is Brandon Schulz and I am an Arizona based concert and portrait photographer. I love being behind the camera whether its in a photo pit, outdoors, or in the studio. Concerts have always been like a second home to me. When I first started my photography journey, my dream was to be a concert photographer. I wanted to capture that lightning in a bottle so that I could return to it whenever I wanted.

It took a long time to work my way into the concert realm. While I worked on my photography skills I fell in love with portrait work. My favorite part of portrait work was watching people fall in love with themselves. At the start of a shoot you could sense the apprehension but after only a few shots, when they'd see the photos in the back of the camera, you could see any and all worry melt away. Giving people confidence in a world that thrives on tearing others down was so beautiful that I couldn't help but falling love with it. 

Between learning to be on my feet and ready for each and every condition at concerts, and setting my own lighting and directing beautiful scenes to capture with creative portrait work, I believe that I have acquired the perfect blend of skills to fulfill anyone's photography needs. 

I am available for tour, and I am available creative portrait work. just send me an email from the contact page!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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